The Mower Gang

The Mower Gang
In August of 2010 I decided to start doing some volunteer work. I started to head out to Detroit's many abandoned parks and playgrounds and use my lawn mower to clean them up. As I was out there, riding around on a lawn tractor I thought it would be fun if someone else had a lawn tractor and we could race! To make that happen I formed Detroitís very own gang of renegade landscapers. The Mower Gang.

What We Do: The Mower Gang mows public land in Detroit. These are abandoned parks that the city can no longer afford to keep in good repair. Rather than see them abandoned, the Mower Gang swoops in and keeps the weeds from taking over, preserving places for kids to play. We have been called renegade landscapers, reverse vandals, and vigilante against vandalism. Whatever you call what we do, we have fun doing it. Mower Gang events are one-part biker rally and one-part cleanup.

You can join the Mower Gang. All you have to do is find out when we are going to be mowing and show up. Bring a mower, trimmer, or lawn tractor and you will instantly become a member of the Mower Gang. If you donít have any of those things, bring yourself. Many members have a mower and a trimmer, you can borrow something cool and have fun while helping out.

The Mower Gang has been profiled in The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, Bicycling Magazine (we restored an old bicycle racing track) and numerous local publications.

For more information visit or you can visit our facebook page here The Mower Gang's Facebook Page.

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