Pumpkin Video #1 - Carving a Giant Pumpkin

Pumpkin Video #1 - Carving a Giant Pumpkin
My good friend Robert brought over the largest pumpkin I have ever lifted up. In fact, I only was able to lift 1/2 of it. Robert only had to carry it the length of the driveway but by the time we reached the garage I think Robert was wondering if you could get a 2 for 1 special at the Hernia doctor's office. It was really, really heavy.

Here is a tip: You lift and carry a very large pumpkin by rolling it onto a towel and then lifting the corners of the towel. Here is another tip about giant pumpkins: They are unbelievably difficult to get rid of. Putting 200 lbs of pumpkin flesh in a trash barrell is going to guarantee that the trash guys leave it behind to rot for another week. After two weeks, it will be quite stinky and you still won't have a way to get rid of it. I suggest putting about 40 lbs at a time in hefty bags and sealing them up very well.

We shot a little video of us carving the giant pumpkin using a sawzall with a 10 inch blade. Once we pull the top off of it, I try to trick all of the little kids in the audience. They don't fall for it, but our friend Mary does.

Thanks for watching. Click here to see a page where adults can learn more about a free catalog of items that can make their relationship more interesting. I produced and shot the whole catalog myself. Unlike other catalogs our comes on a DVD and you watch it. Also, it is funny.

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