The Flaming Pumpkin Head

The Flaming Pumpkin Head
Last year I got an e-mail from a boy scout leader somewhere (I am sorry I didn't keep the e-mail to give the guy credit) who uses a kerosene soaked roll of toilet paper to make three foot flames that last for over 1/2 hour.

I had to put this theory to the test. To the Hardware store I went. I bought a gallon of Kerosene ($4.49) and a paint can ($1.89). The roll of TP I stole from the closet at home. According to the boyscout you need to soak the TP overnight, so I did just that.

It was awesome. The flames are indeed three feet out of the pumpki and they lasted for about 45 minutes. If you want the best flame I have seen yet, this is it. Be warned that the smoke can be a little dark and stinky at first. Otherwise, it was awesome. Remember to be safe and all that.

The same video equipment I used to shoot this snippet was purchased last year to create a catalog for adults that is on DVD. If you are an adult and would like a fun lesson on adult toys click here to request a free copy of the video I made. I wrote it to be funny and fun to watch. You'll have to see for yourself.

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