Coffee Chair

Coffee Chair

As a huge fan of Rob Cockerham's, I was recently called to action by one of his pranks. It seems Rob was postulating that chairs, when attached to a phone pole might actually begin to multiply.

Off I went on my motor scooter to find an example of this. It didn't take long for me to stumble upon one. Here are some photos of the mysterious Coffee Chair.

The Coffee Chair in its natural environment.
There it was, sitting by itself attached to a bus stop. Not surprisingly, as Mr. Cockerham had suspected I found the chair in close proximity to a family newspaper machines. It seems that there might be some link between the multiplication of coffee chairs and the urban newspaper machine infestation.

I approached the coffee chair slowly so as not to alarm it. I could see that it was not capable of escaping. However, a cornered animal can be even for ferocious than a free one.
Pinpointing The Coffee Chair's Location
In the name of science, I decided to triangulate the coffee chair's exact location. Here are the results:

State: Michigan
City: Ferndale
Cross Streets: Woodward Avenue at 9 Mile Rd.
Nearest Stores: OldNavy and Radio Shack
Nearest good pizza place: Como's (shown in photo)
Send in an assistant
We approached the coffee chair slowly. Like all explorers I had an assistant go in first. In my case, my dad was visiting from Florida. I decided to send him in.

He was happy to stand behind the chair, but he wouldn't sit in it. Could a coffee chair be dangerous?
The coffee chair is safe for all to use.
Before I left the coffee chair behind, I figured that I should ensure that this new discovery is safe for all to use. I had to conquer it.

I was tentative at first, but finally I decided to hop on and see if it was OK.

It turns out that the coffee chair is quite confortable. I suggest that anyone who would like to visit the coffee chair feel free to do so.
I walked by the spot and the chair was missing. It stayed in place less than 1 week. It was a shame. Perhaps it has moved?

For more information about these strange chairs and where they appear visit's page about the starbucks chairs.